Company lookup methods

Company lookup methods take company name or ABN as an input and perform search to return company information that matches the search parameters.

companyLookup (AU only) Provide a number of search options for Australian Company Lookup by ABN, ACN, name etc.

Company Lookup

Search by company name, ABN, ACN or other filters, returning a list of the results.

Resource URL

    GET	(search by Name)
    GET	(search by ABN)


The request body is a CompanyRestRequest object:

	Lookup by the Company Name
    Lookup by the ASIC number (ACN or ARBN)


The response body is a CompanyRestResponse object:

     "status": "SUCCESS",
     "messages": [],
     "payload": [
		"name": "xxxx",
		"abn": "xxxxx",
		"statecode": "VIC",
		"postcode": "3144",
		"status": "Active",
		"legalName": null,
		"acn": null,
		"isCurrentIndicator": "Y"